Golden Nova EP out now!

2017-04-01 22:49:25 by juniormusic

Golden Nova EP contains 4 songs.

Hope u enjoy this EP!


-download this EP in my official site!


Download My EP at my official site!

2017-04-01 22:36:32 by juniormusic

have opened a little site that made by

You can download my EP here.

To download the EP, go to Music section and download the EP.

(Plus, this site's language is korean. I have added little translation in this site, but there's still some..yeah.


link :

Toilet Paper EP finished!

2017-01-27 00:04:58 by juniormusic

Ima Proud of myself. Enjoy.


No.1-Toilet paper

No.2-Oh my fucking god

No.3-Kitty blast


Wut the frick.

2017-01-23 21:56:49 by juniormusic

I'm gonig to go to middle school.

Korean middle school is frickin' hard though.


Fuck. I can't handle on the producing thing for long time.

All track is downloadable now.

2017-01-13 10:25:40 by juniormusic

So...I'm scouted in audio portal.

:D Yay!

Gonna make a new EP.

2017-01-10 23:27:37 by juniormusic

Hello guys!

So..I'm plannig to make a new EP named 'Toilet paper'

Gonna be 4~5 songs in it.